Used Golf Cart Parts

Used golf cart parts can work as well as new parts. Used parts are readily available at many of our local golf cart dealers. You can also find them from private individuals or on e-bay. 

Many parts on my 1987 electric Club Car golfcart were purchased used. Find out how this can save you money on the part and on shipping

Finding Used Golf Cart Parts

used golf cart parts

There are several ways to find used parts for your golf cart.

1. Local Dealer

One is to check with any local golf cart dealers who have an inventory of golf cart salvage. Don't be afraid to ask your local golf cart dealer if they have any good used golf cart parts for sale. I've found used golf cart tops, tires and another parts just by making a few phone calls.

When I needed just one tire to replace my worn golf cart tire, I headed to Affordable Golf Carts in Peachtree City and asked if they had any good, used golf cart tires for sale.

After some digging a couple of tires were found that still had some good tread on them. A used wheel was put on and I had myself a good used golf cart tire and saved about half of what a new tire would have cost.

2. Craig's List

Another way I've gotten some parts is by checking on Craig's List. Just type in "golf carts" in the search field. For example, when I recently checked this site for Atlanta here are some of the used parts that were listed:

used golf cart parts

1. Yamaha and an EZ GO golf cart front cowl

2. Golf cart wheels and tires

3. Club Car Golf cart seat bottom

4. Golf cart top

5. EZ GO golf cart battery charger

The biggest savings in buying used is for larger or heavier parts - like tops, tires, chargers, etc. To buy these golf cart parts on line becomes too expensive because of the shipping charges.

If you don't see the golf cart part you are looking for try posting in the "Wanted" section of Craig's List. It's free and it's worked well for me. I've purchased used Club car parts, golf cart manuals, golf cart tops and golf cart wheels and tires by posting "Wanted" ads.

Now, you don't want to be driving all over town to save a couple of bucks, but you may luck out and find the part you need from a seller who lives in your area.

3. e-Bay

used golf cart parts

Some links in the following sections are eBay or Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission. There is no extra cost to you. Find more details on this page.

Another place to check is on e-bay. My golf cart headlight kit was purchased on e-Bay and cost much less than it would have otherwise. Enter "used golf cart parts" in the search field.

You will then have two options of "Buy Now" or "Auction." If you are not in a hurry you can bid on the part and usually get a better price than the Buy Now option. Be sure to check out the shipping costs - but many of the parts sellers offer free shipping.

Buying smaller parts like solenoids used, may not be worth the time and effort when these can be found on line from parts stores and Amazon ....

Used Club Car Parts

used club car parts

Having owned the same Club Car golf cart for 20 years, I've had to replace quite a few parts. Buying used Club car parts has worked for me many times.

On e-bay you can find used parts like battery chargers, electric motors, and voltage reducers. 

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