Club Car Golf Cart Parts

Club Car golf cart parts can be easily found on line so there is no need to go to an authorized Club Car dealer. The prices are usually better and if you aren't sure about what part to buy you can often find a technician to talk to you on the phone to assist you.

Year, Make and Serial Number

To buy your golf cart parts on-line you will need to know the make, model and year of your Club Car before placing an order. You can get some of this information by locating your Club Car serial number.

club car golf cart parts

Serial numbers for Club Car golf carts 1981 to present can be found right below the glove box on the passenger side.

The number is 12 characters, while the letters refer to the model of the cart, the first two numbers represent the year the golf cart was made. Write this number down and keep it handy.

Parts for gas models will be different from electric golf cart parts. It is also important to know if you have a 36v or 48v cart.

Other times, golf cart owners are wanting to upgrade or improve their golf cart performance, speed and power and will need different performance parts to achieve this.

Club Car Golf Cart Parts - Solenoids

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Some Club Car golf cart parts just wear out and need replacing - like the solenoids.

You can test you cart for a bad solenoid with a voltmeter. As you can see in this picture there are 4 terminals - two large ones and two small ones. 

Which solenoid to get depends on the year of the cart and the cart's voltage which is usually either 36 volts or 48 volts. 

Golf Car Dr.  has a great article explaining how to find out if yours isn't working :

Solenoid Testing

Silver Streak 435154 Solenoid 12 Volt for CLUB CAR

Need Help?

Instructions for Club Car golf cart repair can be found in a Club Car Service Manual. A Club Car Parts manual can come in handy to help you identify part numbers. Most of the time it really is not necessary to know a part number if you know the make, model and year of your golf cart.

If you call an on-line golf cart parts store like, Everything Carts, they can help you find the right part if you know the above information.

Battery Meters

club car golf cart parts

Battery meters periodically need to be replaced.  The right gauge needs to match the voltage of the golf cart - 36volt or 48 volt.  This part is not golf cart make or model specific. The other two options include an analog or LED battery charge indicator.

PRO12-48M ProPower's Golf Cart Battery Indicator Ezgo Yamaha Club Car 12, 24, 36, 48 VDC - Works on Trojan, Exide and all batteries

Forward and Reverse Switch

The obvious frequent use of the forward and reverse switch makes this one of the most frequent Club Car golf cart parts that need replacing.

club car golf cart parts

This Club car golf cart part is specific to your golf cart make, model, and year.  It is available for 36V or 48V golf carts. 

The switch is often sold separately from the handle. Make sure the battery is disconnected before installing. 

Club Car Heavy Duty Forward And Reverse Switch (1996-Up) DS 48-Volt Golf Cart

Forward & Reverse Switch Assembly | Club Car Golf Cart | 36-Volt With Resistors

Key Switch - Ignition

club car golf cart parts

Another common Club Car golf cart part to wear out from frequent use is the ignition switch.  Did you know that there is an option to get what's called an "uncommon key switch?"  Which means that only the keys that come with it can start your golf cart - versus the standard key switch which means any common Club car key can start any Club car with a common switch. 

Uncommon Key Switch, Club Car DS/Precedent Electric

Shock Absorbers

You will know when it's time to replace your shock absorbers by the kind of ride you experience especially when going over uneven terrain or bumps.  If the rear body bottoms out when driving over pot holes or bumps it may be a sign that the rear shock absorber is needed. Here is a picture of an old and new rear shock absorber. 

club car golf cart parts
club car golf cart parts

There are front and rear sets of shock absorbers.  Each are sold in a set of two.  However just because the rear ones need to be replaced doesn't mean that the front ones need it.  Usually the rear shock absorbers go first because of the extra weight from the motor and rear passengers. 

Club Car Ds 1013164 Rear Shock Absorber for Electric 1988-up , G&e 2004-up Precedent.

Club Car Pedals

club car golf cart parts

Replace your brake and accelerator pedal pads and save money by buying a set that includes the accelerator, brake and park pad.

Fits Club Car (1981-up) DS gas or electric models.

Club Car Accelerator/Brake Pedal | Go/Stop/Park Pad -Gas/Electric Golf Cart

Club Car Windshield

club car golf cart parts

We now have a crack in our Club Car golf cart windshield and it needs to be replaced.  Windshields can also become foggy and lose their clarity.  It's an easy part to replace.  You can order it on line without having to pay shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. 

CLEAR Windshield for Club Car DS Golf Cart for years 2000+

Club Car Lights

club car golf cart parts

Golf cart lights can be purchased as a kit that includes the headlights and the brake lights. The model of your Club Car will determine which kit to get:

For a DS Club Car check out this kit from Amazon:


You can buy just the plug in light bar to change out the halogen to LED. Unplug your halogen light bar and plug in this LED bar and get a brighter headlight and less battery drain.

Club Car Precedent LED Headlight Bar 2004-2016 Bright LED's! Change Out Your Halogen Light!

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