Golf Cart Fender Flares

Golf cart fender flares are added to golf carts to not only give them a rugged, custom look but to also provide protection to the body from gravel, grass, sand, and dirt.

golf cart fender flares, brush guard and basket on a Club Car Precedent

Here's a picture of my golf cart after playing 18 holes of golf on a rainy day.  No need to convince me that I need to add some golf cart fender flares.

golf cart without fender flares

This custom golf cart accessory is designed to enhance the appearance of a golf cart and provide additional protection. Here are some things to consider when selecting golf cart fender flares:

  1. Appearance: Fender flares are available in various styles, widths and designs, allowing golf cart owners to customize the look of their vehicles for a sporty or rugged look depending on the chosen style.
  2. Protection: Fender flares serve a practical purpose by providing extra protection to the golf cart. They help prevent mud, rocks, and debris from being thrown up by the tires and causing damage to the cart's body.
  3. Installation: Many fender flares are designed to be easily installed on golf carts. They typically come with installation instructions and the necessary hardware. 
  4. Materials: Golf cart fender flares are often made from durable materials such as plastic or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These materials are chosen for their durability and ability to withstand the outdoor elements and resist damage.
  5. Compatibility: When purchasing fender flares, it's important to ensure they are compatible with the specific make and model of the golf cart. Different carts may have variations in wheel well size and body shape, so choosing the right fit is essential.
  6. Brand and Model Options: Various companies specialize in golf cart accessories, including fender flares. It's a good idea to explore different brands and models to find the style and features that best suit your preferences and needs.

When considering fender flares for your golf cart, think about the specific benefits you're looking to achieve—whether it's improved aesthetics, increased protection, or both. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for installation and maintenance.

This golf cart accessory is an easy DIY install but drilling is required.  A second pair of hands to help mark drill holes on the golf cart body makes for a quick install.

golf cart fender flares

Most fender flares are made of a very durable injection-molded, impact resistant black ABS plastic. They can withstand tough weather conditions of cold and heat as well as tough off road conditions that cause vibration. This custom golf cart accessory will provide you with long-lasting performance.

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EZGO Golf Cart Fender Flares

This golf cart accessory will come as a set of 4 pieces - 2 pieces for the front and 2 for the back. Each of which will have pre-drilled holes.

ezgo golf cart fender flares

You will need to know the model and sometimes the year of your EZ GO Golf Cart. 

ezgo golf cart fender flares

Here is a picture of the rear fender flares. Some kits give you the option of choosing rust proof and sturdy stainless steel mounting hardware.

ezgo golf cart fender flares
EZ GO RXV Fender Flares

Thin Golf Cart Fender Flares for EZ GO RXV

A favorite golf cart fender flare for this who have an EZ GO RXV is the slim 2" golf cart fender flare.  

thin golf cart fender flares on a red EZ GO golf cart

Those who have wider tires and wheels find them to be a good solution for helping to protect the golf cart body. 

Thin EZ GO Golf Cart Fender Flares

Yamaha Golf Cart Fender Flares

Yamaha golf cart fender flares conform nicely around the cart.  Made out of durable injection-molded black plastic with a textured finish makes the flares more pliable and less ridged to avoid breakage.

yamaha golf cart fender flares

Combine with a black powder coated brush guard for a really rugged look.

yamaha golf cart fender flares

This golf cart accessory requires some drilling and sets come with the necessary mounting hardware.

Yamaha Golf Cart Fender Flares

Club Car DS Fender Flares

club car ds fender flares
  • Designed to fit Club Car DS 1993 & up
  • Made of durable, injection-molded black plastic with a textured finish.
  • Each set includes (4) 3" wide fender flares and stainless steel mounting hardware kit
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware kit can pull in the fender flares to better match the contour of your cart.
Club Car DS Fender Flares with Stainless Steel Hardware

Club Car Precedent Fender Flares

club car precedent fender flares
Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Fender Flares (Set of 4)

How to Install Golf Cart Fender Flares on EZ GO TXT

Here is a how to video for those who want to install this golf cart accessory themselves.

Golf cart fender flares vary in their width so be sure to check that out.  Also they are often golf cart make and model specific.  Provide added protection and style to your cart with this easy DIY project.

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